December 2 – Unlocking Sound Collections: the videos!

As your second daily treat of this Advent Calendar, Europeana Sounds is sharing with you the videos of its 2nd International Conference, which took place in Vilnius on 4 November 2016. […]

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Register for the conference “Europeana Sounds 2016: Unlocking Sound Collections”

The Europeana Sounds project organises its final international conference – “Unlocking Sound Collections” – on Friday 4th November 2016 in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. […]

Meet with Puponys village singers

Few decades after the Second World War there was a number of students from rural areas who graduated at Vilnius University. These students were involved in an ethnocultural movement called “Ramuva”, formed by various ethnomusic ensembles. They started to organise field recording sessions, to document and archive Lithuanian folklore. […]

Ona Sorakiene and Her Folk Songs

Folk singer Ona Sorakienė is one of the most distinct folk singers of the Dzūkija region in southern Lithuania, notable for her unique, colourful vocal timbre and her substantial repertoire of old folklore genres. She was born in 1886 at the Lasavičiai manor in the district of Lazdijai, the county of Gudeliai. Her parents, Adomas and Katrė Grabauskas, were labourers on the manor, and she had four brothers and a sister. […]

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