December 24 – “A novena”: a lyric that tells a story

Today we offer you a beautiful song of the collection of the Istituto Centrale per i beni Sonori Audiovisivi (ICBSA). […]

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Bendix, the hilarious

Berlin, 1888. The 18-year-old stage carpenter and extra Otto Reutter encountered the Berlin cabaret and cabaret stage star Martin Bendix in the old American Theatre on Dresdener Strasse. Bendix had been dubbed “the hilarious” and was a Berlin original, at whose jokes allegedly “even the imperial family laughed”. […]

June 22nd, 2016|Music, News|2 Comments

Singing for your supper: an introduction to Scottish work songs

Work songs were commonplace in Scotland for hundreds of years and, whatever the activity, there would be a song to accompany it and match the speed at which it was being undertaken. […]

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Women singing tradition in Lynežeris village, Lithuania

Lynežeris is the village hidden deeply in forests of the Southeast of Lithuania, ethnological region, Dzūkija. Collectors of folklore expeditions rarely happened to move away from the railway Vilnius-Druskininkai. […]

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“Was für ein Lied soll dir gesungen werden?”* – The songs of Hugo Wolf

*“What song should be sung for you?“ In a time full of bombastic compositions, where the size and the scope of orchestras became grander and the ambitions of composers lay in filling concert halls and opera houses, there lived one composer […]

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Singpho, Tai and Tangsa: an insight into the languages of the Assam region in India

The Language Archive is once again offering an insight into one of the endangered languages carefully investigated and stored in our Archive. Today we will have a look into the language and culture of three communities in the Upper Assam Region in India: The Singpho, Tai and Tangsa. […]

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