December 21 – The Feast Day of St Thomas

The Feast Day of St Thomas the Apostle was established in the 12th century and was celebrated on 21 December up until 1969. The feast day was then changed to 3 July so that it would no longer coincide with the days of Advent. Even so, it is still celebrated by some churches on the original date. […]

Scottish Marriage Customs

Marriage customs in Scotland are numerous and diverse. In this blog post we will look at just a handful of these customs, with a focus on a few which have evolved over centuries and one or two which are no longer practised. […]

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Supernatural Creatures in Scottish Folklore

There are many supernatural creatures to be found in Scottish folklore and this post focusses on a few of them. […]

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The Song Legacy of Scottish-Irish Migration

Among the great many cultural connections between Ireland and Scotland, the mutual influence of each nation’s musical and singing traditions on the other is perhaps one of the most interesting. As a case in point, below are some archival examples which point to the legacy of people travelling back and forward between the two countries, and the songs they took with them. […]

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Singing for your supper: an introduction to Scottish work songs

Work songs were commonplace in Scotland for hundreds of years and, whatever the activity, there would be a song to accompany it and match the speed at which it was being undertaken. […]

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Up Helly Aa: Fire in Winter

Up Helly Aa is a series of fire festivals held every winter in the Shetland Islands, which lie over 100 miles north of the Scottish mainland. […]

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