Access easily sounds from the Europeana Sounds Collections!!

By navigating through the above feature, you now have an easy and single access point to the material the Europeana Sounds consortium shared with you during the last two years and a half! Whether you are interested in non-Western classical music, spoken word performance recordings or sound effect recordings, come and browse to find the [...]

Culture of refugees is a main topic during summer 2016

Four songs travelled forth and back between Afghanistan and Germany. And the journey goes on. […]

August 9th, 2016|Music, News, Sound categories|0 Comments

Talking to the future: Anker Kirkeby and his archive of voices

Anker Kirkeby (1884-1957) was a Danish journalist, a journalist with all his heart. He was able to cover all kind of topics, reporting from the Balkan Wars or making investigative studies of the socially deprived. He both interviewed statesmen and he worked undercover among the poorest in society. […]

Release of Japanese recordings online

Born from the new partnership between the National Library of France (BnF) and the National Diet Library in Japan, the France-Japan digital exhibition opened its virtual gates in December 2014. […]

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