Interactive platform Europeana Radio opens up access to Europe’s sound treasures

  Press Release, 12 January 2017 Europeana Radio marks the beginning of easy and interactive access to Europe’s sound treasures, where listeners are free to browse, listen and tag. Launched by Europeana Sounds and Europeana Foundation, the platform will be available at from 12 January 2017. […]

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Europeana Radio – discover, listen and tag the music from Europeana Music Collections.

Europeana Radio allows you to browse, listen and tag Europe’s sound treasures! […]

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The Latvian “nightingale” Elfrīda Pakule

Historical sound recordings are treasures that, since the end of 19th century, inform us about musical life, about performers and about musical interpretation. We would like to tell you about one of the great 20th century Latvian opera voices, a coloratura soprano, whose recording legacy is a powerful witness to her remarkable voice. […]

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A tower of strength in the Netherlands during WWII: Radio De Brandaris

To prepare World Radio Day, celebrated every year on 13 February to praise radio as a medium, discover the poignant story of the Radio De Brandaris which started broadcasting in 1941. […]

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Recording and playing machines through time: an online exhibition

Visit a museum from home and travel back in time to explore a rich history of technical innovations and discover their social and cultural uses for both work and entertainment purposes. Try out this new Europeana Sounds’ online exhibition!   […]

‘Don’t forget that we are your friends’: Dutch radio during World War II

During World War II the Dutch broadcasted a radio programme from London (UK) called Radio Oranje for all those living in the occupied Netherlands. […]

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