Fonotipia : recorded treasures of classical music

The Fonotipia record label has left a legacy that is still recognised today by music lovers for its artistic as well as technical value. From 1904 on, Fonotipia engineers recorded famous singers, soloists, famous orchestras, an extraordinary repertoire that could then be heard all over the world.  With more than 700 Fonotipia recordings in its collection, the Audiovisual Departement of the BnF invites you to (re)discover the label’s rich legacy. […]

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Opera as constant work in progress

If someone is asked today, which operas of Antonio Salieri he or she knows, most of them will not come up with an answer, which is not surprising. The operas of Salieri had already started vanishing from stage even before the composer’s death in 1825 and are hardly shown today. […]

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Gustav Mahler and the Vienna Court Opera

The Vienna Court Opera was the carefully planned highlight of Gustav Mahler’s career as a conductor. On the 11th of May, 1897 he debuted initially as a chapelmaster with Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin” (with Hermann Winkelmann as Lohengrin and Louise Ehrenstein as Elsa). Half a year later, on the 8th of October, he became the director of the Vienna Court Opera and held this position until 1907. […]

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Mass production of opera

Around 170 dramatic secular and 40 dramatic sacred works – this is the amount of compositions that Antonio Draghi created throughout a period of 30 years. He is said to have written around 6 operas per year on average – with a creative peak of 11 operas in 1685 alone. […]

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The Latvian “nightingale” Elfrīda Pakule

Historical sound recordings are treasures that, since the end of 19th century, inform us about musical life, about performers and about musical interpretation. We would like to tell you about one of the great 20th century Latvian opera voices, a coloratura soprano, whose recording legacy is a powerful witness to her remarkable voice. […]

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Overture to Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart

“He who remains faithful to one is being cruel to the others; I, who have an overabundance of sentiment, love them all.” – Don Giovanni, Act 2, Scene 1 […]

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