History of Sound: Exhibition and lectures at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision organised their (re)discovery event on the theme “History of Sound”. […]

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December 16 – Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision: History of Sound event!

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision opens its doors for sound lovers for five full days. Rare musical objects will be taken out of the depots to see the daylight during a huge radio festival at Sound and Vision. […]

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Let’s add a bit of nature to Wikipedia

On 18 October the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision welcomed 19 participants to their second Europeana Sounds edit-a-thon. After a day of hard work and fun the participants enriched 84 Wikipedia articles with cultural heritage of wildlife. […]

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Offline remix of sounds in the Netherlands thanks to the King!

On Monday the 27th of April the Dutch are celebrating that they don’t have to work, because the King of the Netherlands doesn’t want his people to work during his birthday (except for all those who work somewhere really important like citizens working in police, fire stations or hospitals. And bars, obviously). […]

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When bird lovers meet Europeana Sounds

On 10 January, the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision organised the very first Europeana Sounds edit-a-thon. This event was organised in collaboration with Wikimedia Nederland and Xeno-canto, the online community for on collecting all existing bird sounds. The edit-a-thon aimed to allow participants to share ornithological knowledge and to upload bird sounds to relevant articles on Wikipedia. […]

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Bird songs stunningly visualised in animation

As part of the Europeana Creative project, Sound and Vision commissioned Australian artist Andy Thomas to create an inspirational digital sound sculpture re-using two bird sounds from its archive. The result is a visually mesmerizing artwork that has been very well received. If you would like to know more about how this video was made and how it went viral, please continue reading! […]

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