December 13 – The Story of the Snowman, Linguistic Research Data at The Language Archive

From our previous articles on this blog, you know that the Language Archive at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is home to a large amount of data on endangered languages that has been collected by MPI researchers, within the DoBeS programme and by quite a number of researchers not directly affiliated with the MPI. They just thought this was a good place to store their data. […]

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Exploring the Baure of Bolivian Amazonia and their language

The Language Archive is hosting data from a large number of linguistic documentation projects. Today we will tell you about one them, the Baure documentation project which is part of the large-scale project DoBeS (Dokumentation Bedrohter Sprachen, Documentation of Endangered Languages) funded by the German Volkswagen Foundation. […]

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Singpho, Tai and Tangsa: an insight into the languages of the Assam region in India

The Language Archive is once again offering an insight into one of the endangered languages carefully investigated and stored in our Archive. Today we will have a look into the language and culture of three communities in the Upper Assam Region in India: The Singpho, Tai and Tangsa. […]

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Listening to Amazonian stories by the Cashinahua community

In this edition of the Europeana Sounds blog The Language Archive (TLA) offers an insight in an endangered language spoken in the region of Amazonian lowlands: Cashinahua also called Hantxa Kuin. Cashinahua is a language of the family of the Panoan, spoken in eastern Peru and in parts of Brazil and Bolivia. […]

Let’s discover Click Sounds!

In this edition of the Europeana Sounds blog, The Language Archive (TLA) will offer an insight into one of the most particular languages of the Dobes Archive. The Dobes archive, aims at collecting endangered languages and supporting their life through dedicated research programs. In this article we will offer a look into ≠Akhoe Hai //om. […]

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On a journey to endangered sounds from Georgia’s mountains

Listen to people speaking Udi, Svan and Tsova-Tush Georgia… have you ever listened to the voices and sounds of people living in Georgia’s mountains? Here is your chance. […]

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