December 23 – Traditional Christmas Carols from Greece

Greek Christmas Carols are sung on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, according to tradition. Groups of small children go out in the streets, from household to household, singing carols accompanied by a small “trigono” – triangular metallic music instrument that makes a distinctive sound – and receiving money and sweets as rewards. […]

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A Greek love song

This plain song, sung by an elder female singer in Nea Vyssa, in the prefecture of Evros in Northern Greece, describes with the most romantic words the love of a young couple, as seen through the eyes of the elder woman singing. […]

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Greek summer feasts (panigyria) and their role in the transition from traditional to new-folk music

Among Music Library of Greece of the Friends of Music Society (FMS) traditional music collection on Europeana Sounds portal, there is one song that refers to the Greek feasts (panigiria). These festivals, more common in summertime, constitute the main performance circumstances during which traditional music is being transferred through generations. […]

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Confessions of the last zournas-player in northern Greece

During the field-research carried out in the prefecture of Evros in 1996 for the “Thrace” programme of the Music Library of Greece, only one zournas-player was located and recorded. His name was Arif Karatza and he was born in Kyani in 1923 and lived in Didymoteichon in northern Greece. […]

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“Wikipedia sings in Greek!” Edit-a-thon held at the Music Library of Greece of the Friends of Music Society

On 23 March, an Europeana Sounds edit-a-thon took place at the Music Library of Greece at the Athens Concert Hall, where thirty-eight people shared their love for music and Wikipedia. The goal of the event was to enrich Greek Wikipedia articles with Greek traditional songs, from the Library’s collection shared in the Europena Sounds project. […]

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25 March 1821: Greeks Sing their Revolution

Today we continue our series about European national celebrations on the occasion of Greece’s National Day! […]

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