Melodrama, snide humour and parody

Early 20th century word and tone poems from the German Music Archive of the German National Library on Youtube […]

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Culture of refugees is a main topic during summer 2016

Four songs travelled forth and back between Afghanistan and Germany. And the journey goes on. […]

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Bendix, the hilarious

Berlin, 1888. The 18-year-old stage carpenter and extra Otto Reutter encountered the Berlin cabaret and cabaret stage star Martin Bendix in the old American Theatre on Dresdener Strasse. Bendix had been dubbed “the hilarious” and was a Berlin original, at whose jokes allegedly “even the imperial family laughed”. […]

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Around the world in one quarter of a million sounds!

As we come to the end of year 2 of the project, I am delighted to announce that we have now added over 250,000 sounds to the Europeana portal! This is down to the hard work of the 18 Data Providers on the project and, our colleagues in Europeana and at the National Technical University of Athens. It’s difficult to highlight just a few items in one blog post so, this time, we’ll be taking a quick journey around the world, listening to recordings as we go. […]

“Deutschlandlied”, brief history of the German national anthem

Today’s German national anthem is sung to a melody by Joseph Haydn and is based on a poem published by Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben in 1841. Since 1952 only the third verse of the three-verse poem has been sung. […]

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