Europeana Sounds challenge at the Waves Vienna Music Hackday – Take part and help identifying genres in musical heritage

The Europeana Sounds project has been working for the last three years to get the collections of sound archives around Europe online. All the material related to music can be found in its dedicated thematic collection: Europeana Music. So far over 250,000 pictures, texts and sound files can be found there. […]

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Greek summer feasts (panigyria) and their role in the transition from traditional to new-folk music

Among Music Library of Greece of the Friends of Music Society (FMS) traditional music collection on Europeana Sounds portal, there is one song that refers to the Greek feasts (panigiria). These festivals, more common in summertime, constitute the main performance circumstances during which traditional music is being transferred through generations. […]

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We’d music sweet to shake our feet: festivals and fair-days in the Irish music tradition

Irish people are often noted for their friendliness and sociability.  We relish the opportunity to get together, chat, sing, dance, make music and enjoy ourselves. This is not a modern phenomenon but rather one that is deeply rooted in our history.  […]

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Up Helly Aa: Fire in Winter

Up Helly Aa is a series of fire festivals held every winter in the Shetland Islands, which lie over 100 miles north of the Scottish mainland. […]

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Musical treasures in Tuscany

In a recent post we got acquainted with the Viennese musical tradition of 17th century and its strong relationships with Italian musicians and composers. The cultural exchange became even stronger in 18th century, after the extinction of the Medici’s, as the House of Habsburg Lorraine took the title of Archdukes of Tuscany. Particularly Maria Theresia’s son, Archduke Peter Leopold – later Emperor Leopold II – carried on the patronage tradition of his family in musical field, enhancing the production of local composers and the activity of the Florentine opera houses. […]

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