The Elf Hill – The origin of the Danish National Play and the Royal Anthem

In November 1828 Princess Vilhelmine Marie, the daughter of King Frederik VI, was to marry Prince Frederik Carl Christian (later King Frederik VII). At that time, it was quite common to celebrate royal events such as a weddings with a special performance at the Royal Danish Theatre. […]

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December 14 – High above from the top of the green tree.

Many Danish Christmas carols are far from being churchly; they just tell stories of Danish Christmas traditions. “Højt fra træets grønne top” (= High above from the top of the green tree) is in the repertoire of almost every Christmas Eve celebration. […]

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Enriching Wikipedia with recordings from the Ruben collection

Report from a successful edit-a-thon October 26, 2016. About 25 participants eagerly awaited the beginning of the edit-a-thon at Statsbiblioteket. Most of the participants were musicology students; furthermore, a couple of history students and staff members from Statsbiblioteket were also present. They knew they were going to spend the day writing a key article on [...]

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Enriching Wikipedia with recordings from the Ruben collection

Edit-a-thon October 26, 2016 The Ruben Collection contains the oldest Danish sound recordings. The digitization of the historical phonograph recordings started with a pilot project documented by a blog. […]

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Who takes care of workers’ life stories?

An archive for the oral memory of the working class […]

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Talking to the future: Anker Kirkeby and his archive of voices

Anker Kirkeby (1884-1957) was a Danish journalist, a journalist with all his heart. He was able to cover all kind of topics, reporting from the Balkan Wars or making investigative studies of the socially deprived. He both interviewed statesmen and he worked undercover among the poorest in society. […]