Outcomes of three years of sounds and fun!

Europe’s sound heritage at your fingertips […]

Europeana Music Collections – Call to curators for 2017!

During 2016 the Europeana Sounds project consortium curated the Europeana Music Collections. We’ve explored plenty of themes over the year including European composers, Mongolian folk music, the Vienna court opera and Antonio Salieri and now we’re ready to find some more for 2017. The curation has involved our project partners highlighting the sheer breadth of audio heritage which is available in Europeana Music and highlighting musical gems which may have otherwise been hidden to the untrained searcher. […]

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Access easily sounds from the Europeana Sounds Collections!!

By navigating through the above feature, you now have an easy and single access point to the material the Europeana Sounds consortium shared with you during the last two years and a half! Whether you are interested in non-Western classical music, spoken word performance recordings or sound effect recordings, come and browse to find the [...]

A warm welcome!

We are pleased to announce the official opening of europeanasounds.eu. Throughout the lifespan of the project, this will be a space dedicated to listening, discussion and discovery. We will be featuring regular contributions from all of the institutions involved in the project, from Athens to the Isle of Skye. As well as regular updates on [...]

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Opening up a world of sounds from the British Library

Europeana Sounds will introduce new audiences to the sound recordings held at the British Library. One of the most extensive in the world, the collections preserve published, unpublished and broadcast sounds across a diverse range of subjects: historic and contemporary speeches, dialects, accents and oral histories, theatrical and other artistic events, musical performances of all genres, and environmental and nature sounds. […]

Irish Music Manuscripts Web-Published after 100 Years

On 7 January 2014, to mark the centenary of the death of Patrick Weston Joyce, one of the most important collectors of Irish traditional music, the National Library of Ireland joined with the Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) to web-publish Joyce music manuscripts in facsimile as part of a Joyce centenary microsite of the Archive. The microsite also presents his published music collections in facsimile and over 1,000 interactive music scores created by ITMA staff for audio playback, reading and printing of the melodies they contain. […]

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