Requiem aeternam dona eis

Shocking and absurd theories surround Mozart’s death – Myths and legends about his last work, which he never managed to finish and in which some see a statement within itself: The requiem KV 626. […]

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December 11 – Let it snow!

Weihnachtsfeier für jüdische Kinder - Austrian National Library - Public Domain Marked

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Opera as constant work in progress

If someone is asked today, which operas of Antonio Salieri he or she knows, most of them will not come up with an answer, which is not surprising. The operas of Salieri had already started vanishing from stage even before the composer’s death in 1825 and are hardly shown today. […]

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Mahler’s last Symphonies

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote nine symphonies and so did Anton Bruckner. Gustav Mahler for whom symphonies were the peak of compositional ability joins their ranks. […]

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Beethoven meets Liszt at the Austrian National Library – Europeana Sounds (Re)Discovery Events

Within the Europeana Sounds project, different series of events are organised and hosted by several partners, such as edit-a-thons or conferences. Commencing in 2016, the so-called (Re)Discovery Events are part of these event highlights. […]

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Gustav Mahler and the Vienna Court Opera

The Vienna Court Opera was the carefully planned highlight of Gustav Mahler’s career as a conductor. On the 11th of May, 1897 he debuted initially as a chapelmaster with Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin” (with Hermann Winkelmann as Lohengrin and Louise Ehrenstein as Elsa). Half a year later, on the 8th of October, he became the director of the Vienna Court Opera and held this position until 1907. […]

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