Celebration at the top of your voice

In the early 1970s Danielle Musset, ethnologist, recorded a series of field recordings at the north end of Transylvania, in the village of Moiseni, in Oas country (or Oach). […]

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Goin’ out west: preserving sound at Stanford University

Established in 1958, the Archive of Recorded Sound at Stanford University has since become one of the largest sound archives in the United States, with a collection of over 400,000 recordings. […]

Preserving and Disseminating Traditional Music of Thrace

The Music Library of Greece ‘Lilian Voudouri’ was created under an initiative of the Friends of Music Society. Their vision was that the Library would act as a pool of information for music and the arts, capable of supporting a full programme of research and education. The Library, which holds more than 135,000 items, is located inside the Athens Concert Hall, opened to the public in February 1997, and since then has functioned as an important centre of study. […]

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TLA and DoBeS collection in Europeana Sounds – sounds from Europe and the World

In Europeana Sounds everything is about a vast diversity of audio-material reflecting the musical, cultural heritage of Europe. The Language Archive (TLA) hosting the well-known digital DoBeS-archive funded by Volkswagen Foundation will contribute songs, sounds, voices, rhythms and other audio-related materials collected by European linguist researchers in Europe and all over the world. […]

Linking Europe’s digital sound archives

Richard Ranft, Project Coordinator, presented Europeana Sounds at the British and Irish Sound Archives’ 2014 Conference in Dublin (Ireland), on 16 May 2014. Have a look at his presentation! […]

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