December 2016

December 21 – The Feast Day of St Thomas

December 21st, 2016|News, Sound categories, Spoken word recordings|

The Feast Day of St Thomas the Apostle was established in the 12th century and was celebrated on 21 December up until 1969. The feast day was then changed to 3 July so that it would no longer coincide with the days of Advent. Even so, it is still celebrated by some churches on the original date. […]

December 20 – The Dublin Institute of Technology & The Caruana Gramophone Collection

December 20th, 2016|News, Sound categories|

The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) is proud to be an Associate Partner in Europeana Sounds, joining with our international colleagues in this best practice network to make archival audio collections accessible online. […]

December 19 – A letter to Santa

December 19th, 2016|Music, News|

Dear Santa, This year we have been working hard, thinking good thoughts and now are looking forward to the coming Christmas! Here, the snow has fallen and melted, several times already – has it been the same where you live? […]

December 18 – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

December 18th, 2016|News|

Hertenpark and Le Parc aux Cerfs | Philips Wouwerman, Rijksmuseum - Public Domain Marked

December 17 – Go Tell it on the Mountain

December 17th, 2016|News|

Study of peaks of snow-capped mountains, Royal Museums Greenwich - CC-BY-NC-SA

December 16 – Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision: History of Sound event!

December 16th, 2016|News, Sound categories|

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision opens its doors for sound lovers for five full days. Rare musical objects will be taken out of the depots to see the daylight during a huge radio festival at Sound and Vision. […]