We’re delighted to tell you that the Soundscape of Istanbul, from our very first associate partner, Suna Kiraç Library, Koç University is now available on Europeana Sounds.

This is a collection of over two hundred sounds recorded around Istanbul and the overall result really does create a vivid soundscape of the city. You can hear a donor kebab seller sharpening his knife; a fishmonger chatting to his customers; the tapping sounds from a wood carver’s stall; or, the more modern sounds of the Istanbul Metro ticket barriers.

These are just a selection of the sounds on their way to Europeana Sounds. As if this were not enough, each recording is accompanied by some beautiful photographs. It’s also possible to explore the collection using an interactive map.

Balıkçılar /Fishmongers – Suna Kiraç Library, Koç University (CC-BY-NC 4.0)

It’s been the result of a collaboration between staff at the Suna Kiraç Library and the British Library. We’re hoping to bring you news of more associate partners in the very near future!

by Tom Miles, The British Library.