This blog is going to be all about food – more specifically, eggs, as Easter is just over. There’s a surprisingly large amount of recorded material, just from Europeana Sounds, on this subject– but there are also many examples from elsewhere on the portal.

As this is such a specific blog, I suppose “I’m putting all my eggs in one basket”…and this version of the song, written by Irving Berlin, was recorded by the BBC Dance Orchestra, directed by Henry Hall (from Internet Culturale):

The practice of decorating eggs seems to be carried out everywhere – from Egypt, Persia and Eastern Europe. Here’s an illustration of different designs of Polish Jaja wielkanocne, or pysanka – decorated Easter Eggs, from an 1890 publication:

There are several interviews from Stirlingshire, Scotland, about the practice of rolling Easter Egg.s Here, Margaret MacAllister talks to Catherine Nicholls about rolling eggs after church on Easter day (from Tobar An Dualchais/Kist O Riches):

The Language Archive contains an interview about finding green sea turtle eggs buried in the sand at Jimurtbab (Third Bay) on Croker Island, with a demonstration of the digging procedure:

From real eggs we move to confectionery eggs. In the tenth of fifty three episodes, Sir Dominic Cadbury talks about the Crème Egg, developed in the 1950s:

And finally, the Horniman Museum and Gardens have a multitude of differently decorated Easter Eggs here:


by Tom Miles, British Library