On the 6th December 2016,  all project partners were invited to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in a very cold Leipzig for the final plenary meeting of Europeana Sounds. With only two months remaining in the project, the meeting was a perfect opportunity for partners to raise any issues or barriers that stood in their way of meeting final targets and to celebrate the achievements that have been made so far.

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek – Picture by Marion Ansel, Anouck Girard, Anne-Claire-Rebours / BnF (CC-BY-SA)

As the presentations from work package leaders demonstrated, there was much to celebrate at this point of the project.

The Aggregation team has met its overall target, even though some data providers still have their own individual targets to meet, which means that when all of the aggregation is completed in January 2017, we will be well over our initial target. The team in charge of licensing guidelines reported its success in publishing the policy recommendations, and the plans for the working group to create a task force in Europeana to continue the work started during the project.

During the last session of the day, each partner was asked to provide a quick summary of what they felt their achievements had been in the project. A common response was that the network that the project had created was very important; and the opportunity to work with so many people who have many different skills and experiences to share was an added benefit. Many smaller organisations had the common approach of all staff members being involved in all work packages, which meant developing new skills in house and embracing new ventures, which may have not been previously experienced by the organisation. Partners also expressed that Europeana Sounds has led to improvements on a technological level, improvements in data quality and improvements in the way they worked with their own organisation by implementing project tools.


Europeana Sounds’ partners during a brainstorming session – Picture by Marion Ansel, Anouck Girard, Anne-Claire-Rebours / BnF (CC-BY-SA)


The first day of the plenary was very successful and the evening presented the perfect opportunity to explore the Leipzig Christmas market, drink Glühwein and have a very traditional German supper – the perfect way to celebrate our final meeting of all partners and all of our achievements.

Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt – Picture by Marion Ansel, Anouck Girard, Anne-Claire-Rebours / BnF (CC-BY-SA)

Social Dinner – Picture by Marion Ansel, Anouck Girard, Anne-Claire-Rebours / BnF (CC-BY-SA)

The second day of the plenary was another busy day discussing ideas, issues and successes. Regarding the “Channels development”, the latest updates on Europeana Collections were presented. The “Dissemination and Networking” group presented the highlights from the communications that have taken place over the past year and the success of the final conference which took place in November 2016, in Vilnius. The plenary meeting was also an excellent opportunity to present Europeana Sounds’ crowdsourcing campaign which all partners are busy promoting and taking part in.

Even though it was our final opportunity to see everyone all together, partners left feeling enthused and ready to tackle the final two months of the project and ready to meet the final targets and deadlines that we have remaining.


Picture by Deutsche Nationalbibliothek – Bärbel Kaiser.


by Laura Miles, The British Library.