Have an ear for musical instruments? Use your talent to tag all the instruments you hear in the musical recordings of the Europeana Sounds collections! The whole month of December will be an Europeana Sounds Crowdsourcing Campaign in order to tag 30.000 musical instruments!  Read more about how to help underneath, or directly start tagging on this platform > bit.ly/music-tag

There are so many historical music recordings in our archives that we just can not describe all the instruments by ourselves. So that’s why we kindly ask your help to tag our beloved music collections with all the instruments that you can hear in a song. This helps us to have standardised names for all the musical instruments in our collections. In this way, you also help out music lovers and archivists that do not speak your language, since all the instruments via the dropdown list are controlled and available in a lot of languages (coming from the MIMO database). The music in Europeana Sounds ranges from beautiful folk music from Greece to Scandinavian improvised space rock all the way to the sounds coming from Tibetan monastries.

How does it work?

Just follow these 3 steps underneath and become a true archivist!

  1. Go to the WITH platform here and click on ‘START TAGGING!’

  1. Login to the WITH platform using Facebook, Google+ or your email address
  1. Press the play button in the audioplayer. Recognize a musical instrument? Start typing the name of the instrument you hear and click on the name in the dropdown list. Click ‘Next item’ to dig through more music from our collections!



by Harry Van Biessum (NISV)