(Re)discovery event au Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision : l’Histoire du Son

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision organised their (re)discovery event on the theme « History of Sound ». […]

Recueillir les histoires de vie des ouvriers?

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. An archive for the oral memory of the working class […]

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Démonstration de force dans les Pays-Bas de la Seconde Guerre mondiale : radio De Brandaris

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. To prepare World Radio Day, celebrated every year on 13 February to praise radio as a medium, discover the poignant story of the Radio De Brandaris which started broadcasting in 1941. […]

Découvrez le rap portugais avec le projet RAPortugal 1986–1999

Cet article est disponible uniquement en anglais. RAPortugal 1986–1999 is a research project that combines scientific research, training, social intervention and artistic creation. This project, funded by the DGArtes (Directorate-General for Arts), aims at studying what is known as the first period of the history of Rap music in Portugal, from 1986 to 1999, following a previous research developed by Soraia Simões within the “Mural Sonoro” and the Institute for Contemporary History (NOVA University). […]

Enregistrer le folklore en Lituanie soviétique dans les années 1950 et 1960

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. The oldest recordings of the archives of the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (LMTA) were accumulated in the 1950s & 1960s. They are part of the Europeana Sounds corpus to be published on the Europeana platform and the Music Channel. […]

L’extraordinaire ordinaire par Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Cet article est disponible ci-dessous en anglais et en allemand. Virtuosity and bombshells are sure methods to gather attention and to please, and everybody knows marvellous music which is therefore catchy and fascinating. However, there is music whose beauty derives from clarity and simplicity, and for sure the motet Ave verum corpus (KV 618) by [...]

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