Mélodrame, humour sarcastique et parodie

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Early 20th century word and tone poems from the German Music Archive of the German National Library on Youtube […]

Des enregistrements de concerts d’Internet Archive maintenant disponibles sur Europeana

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Europeana Sounds is currently publishing audio registrations of live music performances. […]

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A bicyclette !

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Bike Week and Bike Month occur at different times, depending on where you live. If you’re in the US, bike month is May and Bike Week is the second or third week in May. If you’re in Canada, Bike month is from May 25 to June 25. In Europe, Bike Week takes place during the third week of June. But wherever you are, we are coming up to that time of year where the healthy and environmental benefits of cycling are heralded across the world. […]

Quelle cuisson pour vos oeufs?

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais.  This blog is going to be all about food – more specifically, eggs, as Easter is just over. There’s a surprisingly large amount of recorded material, just from Europeana Sounds, on this subject […]

A la découverte sonore du monde du travail

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Last week the Work With Sounds conference was held in the fantastic headquarters of the LWL-Industriemuseum in Dortmund, Germany. The conference brought together a collection of subjects including sounds and soundscapes of Europe, urban sounds, museum sounds, reflecting sounds and working with sounds. Europeana Sounds attended this conference [...]

Une chanson pour l’Europe, brève histoire de l’hymne européen

Cet article est disponible uniquement en anglais et en allemand. Exactly 65 years ago the French foreign minister Robert Schumann proposed the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, laying the foundations for today’s European Union. The anthem of Europe is an official symbol of this union, celebrated every 9th May with Europe Day! […]

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