23 décembre – La tradition des chants de Noël en Grèce

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Greek Christmas Carols are sung on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, according to tradition. Groups of small children go out in the streets, from household to household, singing carols accompanied by a small « trigono » – triangular metallic music instrument that makes a distinctive sound – and receiving money and sweets as rewards. […]

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14 décembre – Plus haut que le sommet du sapin

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Many Danish Christmas carols are far from being churchly; they just tell stories of Danish Christmas traditions. “Højt fra træets grønne top” (= High above from the top of the green tree) is in the repertoire of almost every Christmas Eve celebration. […]

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6 décembre – Chants de Noël de Cobh, en Irlande.

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. When I think of Christmas and music the first sound that comes to mind are the bells from my home town in Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland. The bells, or carillon, as the instrument is called, is located in the magnificent St Colman’s Cathedral overlooking Cobh town and Cork Harbour. The 49-bell carillon is the largest instrument of its kind in Ireland and Britain. It is played from a console within the belfry, consisting of a keyboard and a pedalboard. […]

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