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Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision opens its doors for sound lovers for five full days. Rare musical objects will be taken out of the depots to see the daylight during a huge radio festival at Sound and Vision.

Due to their archival status it is unfortunately prohibited to demonstrate these music machines from the olden days. But luckily phonograph collector and Edison enthusiast Jelle Attema came to the rescue and will make sure that an extensive amount of music playing devices from his collection will be heard and seen in full glory!

The demonstrations of these music objects will be accompanied by three presentations a day, put together with the love and care of Rob de Bie who will explain the history of sound every day of the week himself. The historical journey will start with the very first endearing, but unsuccessful ways of recording sound, which began with the idea of speaking in to either a sponge, paper box or lead pipe.

Then the more serious attempts by the gentlemen Young, Scott de Martinville, Edison, Bettini, Berliner, Poulsen, Hoxie, Tykociński-Tykociner, Pfleumer and Daniel will be highlihted and the effect of their inventions on telecommunication and the music industry. Participants will also be educated on the different types of sound carriers that existed in history. All these history lessons will be accompanied by a variety of historical sound carriers that will vibrate history straight into the ears of its future listeners!


by Harry van Biessum, NISV.