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Today we offer you a beautiful song of the collection of the Istituto Centrale per i beni Sonori Audiovisivi (ICBSA).

’A Nuvena” was written by the Italian renowned poet and writer Salvatore Di Giacomo, set in music by the musician Enrico De Leva, and performed in this version by the world famous Italian actor and neorealist director Vittorio De Sica.

Salvatore Di Giacomo (1860-1934) was a writer born in Naples who created novels, theater plays and poems that sometimes have been set in music and became famous songs of the Neapolitan tradition such as Marechiare or Era de Maggio.








Vittorio De Sica (1901-1974) was an actor and director of famous and awarded films such as Sciuscià, Ladri di Biciclette, La ciociara, Ieri oggi e domani and many more.

The lyrics of this song that marks this day of the Advent Calendar tell the story of a zampognaro (a player of zampogna, a typical Italian double chantered pipes) who travels from his hometown to Naples, leaving behind his wife Marianna who is pregnant. The zampognaro is happy but little by little nostalgia fills his heart and his sad sighs inflate the zampogna.

The personal story of the zampognaro overlaps with the image of the Nativity, until he receives a letter from his wife that announces the birth of two children. The zampognaro considers the moment of the Nativity and the advent of the Lord make the humans take the misadventures of their lives easy. The song ends with the announcement of the Jesus’ birth.




We wish you a Merry Christmas!

by Elisa Sciotti and Marzia Piccininno, ICCU.