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Dear Santa,

This year we have been working hard, thinking good thoughts and now are looking forward to the coming Christmas! Here, the snow has fallen and melted, several times already – has it been the same where you live?

You are, of course, very busy at this time of the year. And everyone expects so much of you – you have to deliver all those gifts to so many people all over the world – you must get really tired!


“Priecīgus Ziemas svētkus!” A postcard from the collection of National Library of Latvia. Published [190-], author unknown. Public Domain Marked.

But we have in mind a gift for you too! A musical gift that is peaceful, lyrical, beautiful and a bit serious too. Since you understand all the languages of the world, there is no need to translate the words in this Christmas song, but we will just let you know that it is sung by Latvian tenor Pauls Sakss, and first time this recording was heard was in 1934 – many Christmases ago!

Merry Christmas!

by L.Meldere-Šestakova and Z.Grosa, NLL