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On the 23rd of November, the Europeana Sounds project organised its very first #Shareday. A day where all the sound archives active in the project were invited to share their collection on other platforms such as SoundCloud and Wikimedia Commons. It turned out to be a very effective, useful, and most of  all fun day.


The reason for organising the day was to increase the impact that our European heritage sound collections can have. Instead of trying to get the audience to our own website, we wanted to get the content to the places where the users already are. SoundCloud is one of the biggest music and sound sharing platforms in the world and Wikimedia Commons is the media file repository used by the volunteers that write Wikipedia to illustrate and improve the articles they are working on. At the moment Wikipedia is the sixth most visited website in the world, so getting your content featured there can result in great visibility.


The results

Eleven cultural institutions joined us during the day. Besides uploading music and sounds, they also worked on co-creating playlists on SoundCloud working for example on particular themes like women voices or sounds of nature. In the end over 40 tracks were uploaded and 15 playlists were created. Find below some highlights.

Danish early recordings:

Wild places:

Womens voices from Vienna:

Traditional Irish folk songs that feature placenames:

More on the Europeana SoundCloud account.

Some items uploaded to Wikimedia Commons are already used in articles, such as this handwritten piece of sheet music by Robert Schumann.



During the day the results were actively shared via social media using the #ShareSounds hashtag. We actively tracked the #sharesounds hashtag during the day and the results can be seen in the chart below. Interesting sidenote is that during this workday it turned out that the sounds of nature were particularly popular with people with the need to concentrate.


We had a wonderful day sharing sounds and music with a wider audience and we sure hope to do more #ShareSounds events in the future.


by Joris Pekel, Europeana.