mai 2016

Des enregistrements de concerts d’Internet Archive maintenant disponibles sur Europeana

mai 23rd, 2016|Actualités, Musique|

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Europeana Sounds is currently publishing audio registrations of live music performances. […]

Beethoven rencontre Liszt à la Bibliothèque nationale d’Autriche, un événement Europeana Sounds

mai 18th, 2016|Actualités, Musique|

Cet article est disponible en anglais et en allemand ci-dessous. Within the Europeana Sounds project, different series of events are organised and hosted by several partners, such as edit-a-thons or conferences. Commencing in 2016, the so-called (Re)Discovery Events are part of these event highlights. […]

Lutter pour la musique nouvelle ? Gustav Mahler et la seconde école viennoise

mai 17th, 2016|Actualités, Musique|

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Today, the world knows Gustav Mahler primarily as a composer. During his lifetime at the beginning of the 20th century this was all quite different. Mahler in the first place was known as an internationally respected conductor, while his own work as a composer was not much recognized for a long time … […]

A bicyclette !

mai 13th, 2016|Actualités, Musique|

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Bike Week and Bike Month occur at different times, depending on where you live. If you’re in the US, bike month is May and Bike Week is the second or third week in May. If you’re in Canada, Bike month is from May 25 to June 25. In Europe, Bike Week takes place during the third week of June. But wherever you are, we are coming up to that time of year where the healthy and environmental benefits of cycling are heralded across the world. […]

Disques vinyles, cassettes, CD – Comment conserver votre musique préférée dans de bonnes conditions ?

mai 12th, 2016|Actualités|

Cet article est uniquement disponible en anglais. Today we can listen to music in an unprecedented number of ways: music streaming services such as YouTube and Soundcloud offer huge libraries which allow us to browse at leisure and listen to the tracks of our choice. […]

L’équipe Europeana Sounds à Dublin !

mai 10th, 2016|Actualités|

The Europeana Sounds third data providers workshop took place on the 28-29th April 2016. Hosted by Clasac, we experienced true Irish hospitality, with excellent food and music which complemented the hard work from our partners. […]