Outcomes of three years of sounds and fun!

Europe’s sound heritage at your fingertips […]

December 21 – The Feast Day of St Thomas

The Feast Day of St Thomas the Apostle was established in the 12th century and was celebrated on 21 December up until 1969. The feast day was then changed to 3 July so that it would no longer coincide with the days of Advent. Even so, it is still celebrated by some churches on the original date. […]

December 15 – Christmas Message of an American President from Outer Space

On December 18th 1958, the first communications satellite was launched by NASA. It carried a tape recorder with a prerecorded christmas message from US president Dwight D. Eisenhower. […]

December 13 – The Story of the Snowman, Linguistic Research Data at The Language Archive

From our previous articles on this blog, you know that the Language Archive at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is home to a large amount of data on endangered languages that has been collected by MPI researchers, within the DoBeS programme and by quite a number of researchers not directly affiliated with the MPI. They just thought this was a good place to store their data. […]

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December 5 – Uncovering Ethnomusicology on Europeana Music Collections

The Music Collections of this month is focused on anthropology¬†and its links with sounds and music studies, in France and in the world. […]

December 2 – Unlocking Sound Collections: the videos!

As your second daily treat of this Advent Calendar, Europeana Sounds is sharing with you the videos of its 2nd International Conference, which took place in Vilnius on 4 November 2016. […]

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