Touching the 20th century: Alban Berg in Europeana Music

Although the Europeana Sounds project has now finished, we still want to tell you about what’s happening in the world of sound and music on Europeana. This blog, on the works of Alban Berg, was written by Zea Frane who worked on the Europeana Sounds project at the Austrian National Library. […]

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Outcomes of three years of sounds and fun!

Europe’s sound heritage at your fingertips […]

Europeana Music Collections – Call to curators for 2017!

During 2016 the Europeana Sounds project consortium curated the Europeana Music Collections. We’ve explored plenty of themes over the year including European composers, Mongolian folk music, the Vienna court opera and Antonio Salieri and now we’re ready to find some more for 2017. The curation has involved our project partners highlighting the sheer breadth of audio heritage which is available in Europeana Music and highlighting musical gems which may have otherwise been hidden to the untrained searcher. […]

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December 24 – “A novena”: a lyric that tells a story

Today we offer you a beautiful song of the collection of the Istituto Centrale per i beni Sonori Audiovisivi (ICBSA). […]

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December 23 – Traditional Christmas Carols from Greece

Greek Christmas Carols are sung on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, according to tradition. Groups of small children go out in the streets, from household to household, singing carols accompanied by a small “trigono” – triangular metallic music instrument that makes a distinctive sound – and receiving money and sweets as rewards. […]

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December 22 – A Grammophon record commemorating Wilhelm II’s Silver Jubilee

When his father, Kaiser Friedrich III, died, after a very short reign, in June 1888, Wilhelm II, the eldest of Queen Victoria’s grandsons, ascended the German throne. 25 years later, many ceremonies marked his Silver Jubilee. One of the rarest and least known artifacts of that time is a Grammophon record, from the French National Library’s collection. […]

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