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Ona Sorakiene and Her Folk Songs

Folk singer Ona Sorakienė is one of the most distinct folk singers of the Dzūkija region in southern Lithuania, notable for her unique, colourful vocal timbre and her substantial repertoire of old folklore genres. She was born in 1886 at the Lasavičiai manor in the district of Lazdijai, the county of Gudeliai. Her parents, Adomas and Katrė Grabauskas, were labourers on the manor, and she had four brothers and a sister. Read more

“The sound you record today is tomorrow’s history” – Meet with Leon du Bois

With his father as tutor, sound hunter Leon du Bois (1941) worked as a radio play sound recorder from 1962 until 1986. From 1985 on Leon studied to become audio technician and for the next three years hunted for new sounds for the sound archive. Since 2002 Leon retired from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision after working 44 years for this institute. Here follows the enthusiastic words of the charismatic former sound hunter Leon du Bois interviewed by Marloes Kunst in 2013. Read more

“The importance of being semantic”

In Europeana Sounds, Net7 is working on Pundit, its open source tool for semantic annotation, to respond to the specific requirements of sounds-related resources and communities of users.

But what are annotations? And what is the added-value of being semantic? Read more

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