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“Le concert, c’est moi!” Franz Liszt Superstar

Hysterical crowds, standing room only, an ecstatic and impulsive instrumentalist, breaking instruments, memorabilia and locks of hair as keepsakes – this is not a report from a pop idol’s concert, but what occurred when Franz Liszt (1811-1886), superstar of the 19th century, gave a concert. Read more

Sounds at the Europeana Tech Conference 2015

The National Library of France is the place to be in the second week of February! Europeana Sounds will be there in Paris on 10-11 February to hold our yearly Project Meeting, which will include workshops about technology and development among others. Right after, on 12-13 February, Europe’s leading technical experts, developers and researchers in the field of digital cultural heritage will convene in Paris for the 2nd EuropeanaTech Conference at the National Library of France. So why not join us? Read more

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