Europe's sound heritage at your fingertips

A gentle Introduction to Music Information Retrieval: Making Computers Understand Music

Music Information Retrieval (MIR), also called Music Information Research, aims at making computers understand music. This is currently not the case! Music played on computers does not really differ from music played by a gramophone: it is read from a media and immediately directed to the loudspeakers. The music understanding of a computer can be compared to us looking at the grooves of a vinyl record. Read more

How you can travel the world instantly with 3,000 sounds from Europeana

The creak of footsteps in the snow. The thwack of a snow shovel making contact with the pavement. An eerie alarm coming from an apartment building. A dog barking, his woof echoing off surrounding buildings. The sound of a metro train stopping, the pistons forcing the doors open. That whoosh as a train stops on the platform behind you. Horses hooves on cobbles as a tram rattles past – two centuries crashing into each other. The whizz pop of video games, and the clink of coins being won in an amusement arcade – a sound from childhood holidays. Read more

A song for Europe, brief history of the European anthem

Exactly 65 years ago the French foreign minister Robert Schumann proposed the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, laying the foundations for today’s European Union. The anthem of Europe is an official symbol of this union, celebrated every 9th May with Europe Day! Read more

An Archive where living memories are kept

The project Mural Sonoro (“Sound Wall”) is a virtual archive where memories of Portuguese popular music take the stage: from musicians’ dialogues to composers and musical directors’ perspectives, from teachers to instrument builders. This is a place where you can find memory and music collections, talks and conferences, most of which are devoted to musical composition and interpretation. All of these collections will soon be accessible on Europeana thanks to the Europeana Sounds project. Read more

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