Europe's sound heritage at your fingertips

Save Our Sounds at the British Library

In January, the British Library launched Save Our Sounds, a programme to save Britain’s sound collections for future generations. Here, Richard Ranft, the library’s Head of Sound and Vision (and incidentally Project Coordinator of Europeana Sounds) discusses the aims of the campaign, and the challenges faced, as well as the rewards gained, by the institution as it digitises its extraordinary collections. Read more

Major Danish poet Jeppe Aakjær on wax cylinders

Statsbiblioteket holds a collection of previously privately owned wax cylinders . Until we digitised the cylinders, the collection was quite a mystery. It had nearly no metadata at all. We had, so to speak, to listen to the recordings to discover the content. Some of the wax cylinders turned out to be recordings of Jeppe Aakjær lyrics. Read more

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